Our Story

Flock is for every girl - for the girl who’s in college and needs an outfit for a sorority event. Flock is for the girl who’s in a weird stage in life and having to pay her own rent because she just got her first “big girl job”. Flock is for all the “cool moms” that even though you have kids now you still need a hot outfit for date night, or maybe you wanna look cute when you run to the grocery store?!

This dream of mine is ran out of my tiny apartment in Dallas! I’ve wanted my own store since I can remember, and I’m finally taking life by the horns and giving it a shot! After graduating college I was in management for an incredibly successful department store, but soon realized the corporate world wasn’t for me. I don’t like rules, I love having the freedom to be creative and have fun, so here’s to breaking every rule I’ve ever learned and trying something scary! Each and every purchase means the world to me and I do a little dance every time you place an order!

You might have noticed every piece has a specific name, the reason for that is everything is named after someone special in my life - someone who I love, someone who has made an impact on my life, or just someone who is a blast to be around. Either way, you’re getting a piece of clothing named after a very special person (or dog) in my life!

If you ever need ANYTHING to make your Flock experience better, please shoot me an email at hello@shopflockboutique.com and I promise I’ll make you smile!


Haley Hopper